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Taking Care of Your Loved Ones with Dementia

Dementia is a serious condition that can leave the sufferer in a perpetual state of confusion. It can be both a mentally and physically challenging task to take care of someone with this condition. However, it is important to be there for them. It is possible to treat your loved ones during their early conditions of dementia. However, once this illness begins to get worse, it is important to find a professional. Kosta At Smyrna provides both assisted living and memory care in Smyrna, Georgia. Through our care programs and services, we are committed to helping your loved ones live a better life even with the challenges of dementia.

Do your loved ones have dementia? Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Eating:
    Feeding your loved ones can be a challenge depending on the severity of their dementia. To make sure that they are able to eat and maintain their nutrition, you will want to feed them around five to six smaller meals, rather than three larger meals, on a daily basis. Also, if they do not particularly like a certain food even if it is good for them, it may be a better idea not to serve it to them. You will want to stick to familiar foods they enjoy.
  • Communication:
    Communicating with people who have dementia can definitely be a challenge, but it is not impossible. If they are unable to understand you, do not take offense or get frustrated. Remain calm and talk in slower and simpler terms. Never try to argue with someone who has dementia. You also want to try your best to use clear and informative body language.
  • Personal Hygiene:
    Individuals with dementia may not be able to maintain their own personal hygiene, so you will have to do it for them. To help make the process easier, you could play relaxing music or music they are familiar with. Also, you will want to choose the time of day where they are the most relaxed, as this will be the easiest time to bathe them.

Taking care of individuals with dementia can be a challenge; but, this is a challenge you do not have to undertake alone. Through memory care in Vinings, GA, we can help your loved ones continue living a satisfying and full life. Dementia may diminish someone’s quality of life to a certain extent but, when proper help is given, we can reduce the adverse effects of the illness on your seniors’ lifestyles.

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