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Meet Our Caregivers

Smyrna, Georgia - Assisted Living Caregivers

nurses standing outside a hospital smiling

Kind. Compassionate. Professional. Experienced. Highly-Trained. Dedicated.

These will never be enough to describe our incredibly amazing team of caregivers who work tirelessly to improve the lives of our residents. Their genuine commitment to quality care is unparalleled and has made our agency one of the leading providers of assisted living care in our community.

Our professionals have gone through extensive background and screening checks and have absolutely no criminal record to their name. On top of that, they are also required to attend training seminars that improve their skills and help them become better at their jobs. We never compromise when it comes to safety or quality of care and the willingness and determination of our caregivers to learn and be of service to the community has made it easier for us to achieve this goal and gain the trust of the people.

Witness the prowess of our caregivers first hand! All you have to do is get in touch with us today. Call 404-841-8898 or send an email to Info@KostaPrivateHomeCare.com for more information about Assisted Living and Memory Care in Smyrna, Georgia.