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Smyrna, Georgia - Assisted Living Reviews

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  • Alan Waters
    Stars Definitely worth the $$$. As a professional in the senior care industry, this is one of the top environments you could place your mother. The main goal is obviously the care. However, many other things are involved. The owner here truly gets it. It’s about a fit. He doesn’t just allow anyone into his or should I say, the resident’s home. He’s always making sure the current residents and the families are comfortable with the next resident to move in. He will be very honest with families if it’s not a good fit. He doesn’t stop there and leave families to find their way through the complexities of their senior care options. He assists them in finding the right resources and get the best possible outcome. Too many times ALF’s promise the moon to get families to commit and they can provide care the ALF truly can’t. Only to have the family now have to hire an agency like mine to come in and provide sitter services or around the clock care that could have been provided at Kosta. To all families out there, please try not to cut corners and cost when it comes to your loved ones. This is not a time to have buyer’s remorse.
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  • Yvonne K.
    Stars My experience has been a breath of fresh air. Chris the owner is very sincere, professional and an absolute joy to interact with. He is very empathetic, compassionate and caring. When life is difficult, regarding your sick or aging loved ones. You need to have the best professionals to help you, and your family to make decisions. Koster and Chris is who you really need to consult with. You will have one of the best in the industry!
  • L
  • Lacreshia Bass
    Stars Chris is the epitome of caring and professional. He cares for his staff and patients like they are a part of his family. I have never met a person who loves to make others feel special. I know that God has put him the right field because he truly has a heart of gold. I will continue to refer families to Kosta because I know that they will be embraced with love and compassion.
  • S
  • Sheila Belknap
    Stars I spent time this week with Chris Bernaski at his Kosta at Smyrna personal care home. From the time I drove up to the home, until I left, it was a wonderful experience. Being there reminded me of going home to visit my family. Flowers in the yard, meatloaf baking in the oven, and happy ladies conversing in the living room. The home was spotless and the care givers were so friendly and happy to be there. The ratio of care givers to residents was the highest I have seen. The passion Chris has for excellent senior care shows in every aspect of his business.
  • M
  • Margy Matthews
    Stars It is rare to find a company/business that truly is able to create an atmosphere of home while providing such quality care and service. Chis has found a way to capture a culture of family that melds residents and staff by promoting independence in a boutique lifestyle. The senior lifestyle industry is lucky to have such an option. I look forward to seeing their continued success.
  • L
  • Linda Salotto Perkins
    Stars Kosta of Smyrna is the most well run Personal Care Homes that I’ve ever visited in my professional career. Chris pays such wonderful attention to each individuals needs and makes it a great experience for the families. Such a quaint place with lots of activities and wonderful food. I’ve encouraged him to open more we need more places like Kosta and we need more people like Chris who take such fabulous care of our seniors.
  • S
  • Shanda Hartley
    Stars Best personal home ever!!! Staff cares for each resident as though they are their own parents. I love this home. I travel to several other facility but this facility is top notch.
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  • Valerie Darling-Ryder
    Stars Chris is professional & passionate about his families, service & business. You will receive respect, courtesy, commitment, & quality from top to bottom. He is truly in a league of his own.
  • N
  • Nissy Kurian Shajan
    Stars Kosta group of companies have been exemplary in their ccommitment to the care and wellbeing of those entrusted in their care. From start to finish, they provide empathetic, loving, and personalized care to each person and family they care for. I will definitely be using Kosta care in the future.
  • J
  • Jona Olivia Payne
    Stars Very personal and involved with their residents! I have personally seen amazing changes in residents I have helped find Kosta!
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  • Lynn Bailey
    Stars Kosta at Smyra has been a GIFT to our family. They problem solve with us to provide the most positive, safe and family atmosphere for our mother who has late-mid stage Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia!
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  • Thomas Mcleod
    Stars Lots of effort given to make our mom feel respected and comfortable.
  • C
  • Christian Bossert
    Stars Absolutely amazing!!! Best customer service. Call Now!!