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Category Archives: Assisted Living

6 Exercises for Your Brain

Our brain is like our body. It needs exercise as much as it needs to be fed a healthy diet. As we age, our body can deteriorate and that includes the cells in our brain. This can result to difficulty in doing mental tasks which can lead to various conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. … Continue reading

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3 Important Tips when Choosing an Assisted Living Institution

We will all reach a period in our lives that we will need assistance in performing our daily activities. If you observed that your parents need help with their day-to-day living due to their cognitive impairments or decreased in mobilization, then it is the right time to contact a company that will ensure to take … Continue reading

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Seniors Can Live Like Royalty

Do you have a senior loved one who has become too frail to face the challenges of everyday living alone? Consider it the perfect time to send your loved one to the realms of Kosta At Smyrna! Offering Assisted Living and Memory Care in Smyrna, Georgia, we provide a complete range of quality care solutions … Continue reading

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Senior Diet: What Your Senior Should Eat

One of the biggest factors of healthy aging is found in what we eat. Having a balanced diet is important for all of us – when our body receives proper nutrition, it can function at its best. Hence, if we encourage our seniors to eat healthily, we can help them manage their meals and at … Continue reading

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5 Common Mistakes Caregivers Make when Tending to Senior Citizen Patients

Senior citizens tend to be extremely sensitive – it is an undeniable truth. Oftentimes, they become scrawny, repetitive, and pessimistic. However, this is not a product of their doing. The laws of chemistry play their parts as the hormonal balance in their body changes. The stormy mood swings are just some of its necessary repercussions. … Continue reading

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How Can Assisted Living Benefit Your Loved One?

As you grow older there are many things you will want to keep in mind, some of these things include the fact that it may become too challenging or even too dangerous to live on your own. Through assisted living, you can receive the care, support, and assistance you need at your convenience. Here are … Continue reading

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