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5 Common Mistakes Caregivers Make when Tending to Senior Citizen Patients

5 Common Mistakes Caregivers Make when Tending to Senior Citizen Patients

Senior citizens tend to be extremely sensitive – it is an undeniable truth. Oftentimes, they become scrawny, repetitive, and pessimistic. However, this is not a product of their doing. The laws of chemistry play their parts as the hormonal balance in their body changes. The stormy mood swings are just some of its necessary repercussions. But, as we all know, this is not the greatest challenge in taking care of them.

As years pass by, their bodies get weaker and weaker. Due to this, they become more reliant on the help of others. Giving care to our elderly loved ones is never easy. There will be a lot of things to consider with little to no room for mistake.

To keep you guided, avoid these mistakes commonly committed by caregivers:

  1. Being the “know-it-all”

    During visits to the doctor, make sure to take note and remember well the critical details. Know what medications to take on which specific times. Ask what you could do during contingent moments. And should you meet problems along the way and you don’t know how to handle which, consult the professionals. Never be afraid to ask because ultimately, a person’s life is on the line.

  2. Ignoring the small details.

    A good caregiver is a keen caregiver. If you are not, better take extra training to develop a sharper sense. Usually, patients with caregivers are at a critical state. A single change in their condition may mean a myriad of other things.

  3. Tardiness.

    Being late can cause trouble for your patients. Due to which, your patient may miss his appointments with the doctor. Another would be that he or she would have an imbalanced meal cycle. Always be on time. It is commendable if you could come earlier so that you could prepare yourself for the long day at work.

  4. Not following medication prescriptions religiously.

    There are no buts and ifs in medication compliance. What the doctor prescribes has been carefully assessed and thought for. If the doctors say one tablet, it is always one tablet. No more, no less. Exceptional medications will only apply when the doctor says so. If not, complications may arise due to over dosage or under dosage.

  5. Getting overthrown by guilt and depression.

    Always remember that you are only human. There are situations that no matter how much you prepared and trained yourself, disasters still happened. Give yourself a break. Keeping a sound emotional and psychological state is essential.

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